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Tooth loss affects millions of Americans every single day. In fact, an estimated 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth, which has the potential to make many aspects of your life more difficult than you may have realized. Missing even one tooth can influence the way your bite comes together, your ability to chew the foods you enjoy, and your willingness to smile for those around you. At Carefree Smiles Dentistry, our multiple tooth replacement solutions can not only give you hope but bring your smile to its original glory. Call our dental office to get started!

What Happens if I Do Nothing?

Much like damaged teeth, natural teeth will begin to shift into the open space left behind if you don’t seek tooth replacements. Slowly but surely, this phenomenon will cause your teeth to become more misaligned, which increases the risk of neighboring teeth grinding against each other. Furthermore, as teeth are lost, the jawbone supporting your tooth will also begin to diminish, increasing the risk of future tooth loss. Both are very common side effects that can start to appear relatively soon after teeth are lost.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges consist of a series of dental crowns fused together and are ideal for replacing multiple consecutive teeth at a time. Bridges typically consist of three to four crowns, with the crowns on either side hollowed out so they can be fitted on top of natural teeth. The crowns in between the hollowed out crowns, known as pontics, fill the gap in your smile. Keep in mind that a tooth bridge requires the removal of the existing tooth structure to place.

Dentures & Partial Dentures

If your tooth loss is more extensive, whether it’s on the bottom or top arch of your mouth, full and partial dentures can effectively restore your smile and make it easy to eat more of the foods you enjoy. Both varieties are made with acrylic and ceramic materials so that you can feel confident smiling for those around you. During your consultation, we’ll take careful measurements of your mouth and design a denture that truly looks and feels as natural as possible.



Considered to be one of the most comprehensive forms of tooth replacement, dental implants make use of both titanium and ceramic materials to replace the entire structure of teeth, not just the crown portion. By replacing the root as well, you can expect multiple restorative benefits with implants that you won’t find with more traditional methods. With the expertise of Dr. Brann, our advanced scanning and planning equipment, and same-day restorations, your next tooth replacement is sure to look and feel almost identical to natural teeth.


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